What We Do

We develop markerless motion capture technology that delivers precise 3D location and bone segment orientation in both indoor and outdoor settings. Our patented system is comprised of an optical camera array capable of high speed and long distance capture. After recording a motion event, the data is transmitted to our cloud service for rapid processing via our GPU enabled servers. Our customers can then download the raw motion capture results and biomechanics reports through our user-friendly website portal.

The KinaTrax Advantage


Our deep learning algorithms are trained on a large and diverse set of ground truth motion capture data enabling millimeter precision tracking.

Real-time Processing

Our system is equipped with multiple GPUs that can process the data rapidly through massive parallelization.


Say goodbye to markers. Our markerless system is completely passive allowing the user to move naturally and eliminating the time-consuming markering preparation process.

Comprehensive Reports

Comprehensive biomechanics reports are generated from the motion capture data and are tailor made to suit our clients’ needs. Powerful insights can then be made by analyzing these reports over one or multiple motion events.

Cloud based

All of your motion capture data and biomechanics reports are available at a click of a button in your online KinaTrax account. You can view the reports from any device including mobile devices.

High-speed Capture

Our system is comprised of an optical camera array capable of capturing at high-speeds. High sampling rates are crucial for analyzing rapid motions such as baseball pitches.

Custom Solutions

Our system can be used in a variety of applications. It can track motions accurately in both indoor and outdoor settings and at both short and long distances. Furthermore, cooperation from the subject is not needed.

Raw Data

In addition to the biomechanics reports, we provide access to the raw motion capture data including the 3D position and bone segment orientations of the subject.

We Care

We go the extra mile with our customers to ensure that they have the data they need. We want to make sure that you are completely satisfied and can make full use of the data.

Biomechanics Reports

Below you can see some of the biomechanic results included in our reports.

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Kinematic Sequence – Fastball

Max Leg Lift (% height) 59%
% of time to Max Seperation 65%
Max Leg Lift (in)
Max Hip-Shoulder Seperation (deg)
Internal/Ext. range of Motion (deg)
Max wrist velocity (m/s)